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Detroit's Newest Coven for Creatives



 MSTYK DETROIT is a collective of gifted individuals that cultivate and promote the creative culture.

Creativity is at the root of this city. We are connected in more ways than one, with ART being the most common and powerful connection. We get to express our truest selves and release energy for healing and transformation for ourselves and our audience. Detroit has bred some of the greatest entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes and fine artist. MSTYK MGT LLC, is a community of artist, who are led by their driven purpose to CREATE. 


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Representation matters. As an artist looking to scale your brand and talent, management is a necessary investment. MSTYK MGT LLC, is a limited liability company assisting creatives in brand development, public relations, and personal brand management.



We are a community conscious organization. We believe that helping others aid in relationship building and community evolution. Request sponsorship by completing that inquiry form below.

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Mstyk masterclass (1)
The Talent


As a new artist it's easy to get overwhelmed with developing your brand and niche. We offer 1:1 and group coaching to assist you with packaging your artistry and creating a strategy that will keep you booked consistently. 

The seeker

The Manager – Luna

(Owner, Social Media Strategist, Mindset Coach)

“I just be chillin…”

GIRLBOSS GONE ROGUE. “I would describe myself as a crystal. The type of crystal that’s all gray and simple on the outside—but the inside is glitzed TF out. . . like Amethyst. I know where I want to go and I’m going to get there. I’m bringing a team of the best with me.”


As the manager, she focuses her skill set on creating opportunities for her clients. Chances are you haven’t met her, but you've seen her everywhere.

The energy

Wah Wah

(Host, Hypegirl, Certified Gemologist)

“Sh!t be trash sometimes.”

The Calm


(Musician, Song Writer, Juice Lady)


YOU'VE JUST GOTTA MEET HER. Featured on the cover of Detroit MetroTimes: The People Issue. Jag has a sound of her own and stage presence that makes an impression. Most of the time you'll find yourself hopping, kicking, and chanting the words when you’ve completely lost it and gone jag!


Yes, you’re a fan now.

SHE'S THE PLUG. So you need a host for your event. Well this is WahWah, she hosts Sh*t! She’s also Tiny Jag’s HypeGirl. You may have seen her host The Delo Brown show earlier this year or you might have seen her completely murder a stage near you. She’s destined to be the hypest since Spliff Star.

clients seen in 


Se7enFifteen Productions

Creatve Xception, LLC

Framepointe Co.

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